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Skorpios sails and arrive in Puerto Natales, the capital of the province of Última Esperanza. The route to get there is Santiago - Punta Arenas - Puerto Natales.

Punta Arenas must be reached by air, on commercial flights between Santiago and Punta Arenas, 2,500 km away, with an average flight time of 4 hours followed by an overland trip by coach to get Puerto Natales. Another option that will be available after 2015 is the Puerto Natales airport. Or you can also cross from Calafate in Argentina or El Turbio, which are two frontier passes with Chile.



Skorpios offers transport from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales, Skorpios Terminal and back. These are regular services, carried out according to your tour schedule. You must enquire about its cost when you make your reservation. This transfer takes about three hours.




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