Skorpios III The Kaweskar Route

The Southern Ice Field

Sailing out of Puerto Natales through the Magellanic fjords and channels; disembarking on the Amalia, El Brujo, Bernal, Alsina Glaciers and those in the area of Fiordo Calvo.

Incomparable Gastronomy

You will be able to enjoy a refined gastronomy, that alternates good international flavors with the best traditional southern Chilean cuisine. Open Bar included.

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Game rooms and reading rooms, bars for games, karaoke or reading, bilingual travel information, closed circuit television; and every possible comfort offered by a hotel service based on excellence.

Welcome to the Patagonian Glacier


Enjoy the wonderful of the Chilean Patagonia

The Kaweskar Route

A unique place in the world

  • Skorpios gave this route its name in honour of the “Kaweskar”, the original peoples who sailed this part of the world on their canoes as nomads of the sea, and of which there are only a few descendants left today. This route is operated by Skorpios III, the vessel has a capacity of up to 110 passengers and sails from Puerto Natales twice a week between October and February of each year; the tour lasts from Friday to Monday or Tuesday to Friday. The port is located in Puerto Natales, 2,500 kilometers south of Santiago, and can be reached by air to Punta Arenas, followed by an overland trip by coach. Another option is an overland trip through the frontier passes between Chile and Argentina. The trip to Southern Ice Field takes three nights, with 380 miles of navigation, visiting the most important glaciers in the region: Amalia, El Brujo, the Calvo Fjord glaciers, Bernal and Herman. A total of some 15 glaciers to be viewed and observed; we will also be able to trek their base and moraines and sail through multicoloured icebergs on special expedition vessels. During the cruise we will be able to view the varied flora and fauna of Patagonia, which remains virgin and wild.

Takes you to the Southern Ice Field

The end of the World

Discover the southernmost geography

  • This route will take us to the very end of the American continental territory with its pioneer towns and human settlements located in the depth of our southernmost geography. Their first contact will be with Punta Arenas, the most important Chilean city in Patagonia. Founded in 1848 on the shores of the Straits of Magellan, the channel that joins the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. This city has everything a modern tourist might need, ranging from an airport to top level state of the art boutique hotels. Puerto Natales is 250 kilometers north east of Punta Arenas, it was founded in 1911 on the shores of Señoret Fjord and is currently the most vigorous city in the region and an important tourist centre. The Skorpios Terminal is located 3 kilometers from the town on the road that leads to Torres del Paine; from here we will board M/V Skorpios III to follow the Route of the Kaweskar towards Southern Ice Field, which is the third most important reserve of freshwater – the element that is vital to sustain life – on the planet. A cruise with all the comforts on board, where you will be the center of their attention. Skorpios invite you on this unforgettable journey, the Chilean Patagonia.

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