04 days / 03 Nights Cruise

CRUISE 1 : Sails on TUESDAY / Returns on FRIDAY
CRUISE 2 : Sails on FRIDAY / Returns on MONDAY


CRUISE 1 : Departure: Tuesday / Arrival: Friday.

Additional optional night.
Monday: accommodation on board. Tuesday: excursion to Torres del Paine and Cave of the Milodon (includes dinner, buffet breakfast and tour plus lunch).

CRUISE 2 : Departure: Friday / Arrival: Monday.
Additional optional night.
Thursday: accommodation at Hotel Singular or similar. Friday: excursion to Torres del Paine and Cave of the Milodon (includes dinner, buffet breakfast and tour plus lunch).



DAY 1. (TUESDAY OR FRIDAY). From 16.00 hrs. on, passenger’s check in. Between 17.00 hrs. and 18.00 hrs. Weigh anchor from Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Natales, sailing through the patagonian channels, Kirke Narrowness, Morla Vicuña, Union, Collingwood and Sarmiento.

DAY 2. (WEDNESDAY OR SATURDAY) 08.00 hrs. Arrival at the Amalia Glacier, the ship gets closer to the Glacier. Panoramic view from the ship. 09.15 hrs. Sailing towards El Brujo Glacier. 11.00 hrs. Arrival to El Brujo Glacier, if the weather conditions allow to, disembarkation on a rock to observe the Glacier. 12.30 hrs. Set sail to the Calvo Fjord. 14.30 hrs. Reach port at the Calvo Fjord, where an excursion will be done in a special motorboat, named Capitan Constantino, visiting Fernando, Capitan Constantino and Alipio Glaciers, among others. 18.30 hrs. Set sail to the Montañas Fjord.

DAY 3. (THURSDAY OR SUNDAY) 09.00 hrs. Visit to the Montañas Fjord, where five glaciers that slide down from the Sarmiento Mountains to the sea, will be seen. 10.00 hrs. Visit to the Bernal Glacier, where a soft hiking can be done to the base of the Glacier and visit to the Herman Glacier to sail in its bay and admire the beauty of the area and multicolored icebergs (this will depend on the tide). After this, we will visit the Alsina and Paredes Glacier. 17.00 hrs. Set sail from the Montañas Fjord, Kirke Narrowness crossing. 21.00 hrs. Farewell Party, Captain’s Dinner, dance. 22.30 hrs. Reach port at the Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Natales...

DAY 4. (FRIDAY OR MONDAY) Between 08.00 hrs. and 09.30 hrs. Passengers’ disembarkation. Transfer to Punta Arenas airport, for those passengers who have hired this service (ask for rates).

End of our services.

Note: The programme and timetables may vary according to climate conditions or force majeure. Likewise, disembarkation and duration will depend on the authorization of the skipper, who will evaluate safety and ice conditions in each place.