Sailing Saturday / Arrival Thursday
06 Days / 05 Nights

FRIDAY: optional additonal night. (additional cost). Offered on Friday before the ship sets sail. lncludes: lodging on board, welcome drink, dinner on board, wines, liquors and buffet breakfast on Saturday. At 18:00 hrs. on Friday, you are welcome on board.



SATURDAY: 12:00 hrs. noon, Weigh anchor from Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Montt. Sailing through the Llanquihue archipelago. Catch sight of Calbuco city. Ancud Gulf, 16:30hrs. Arrival at Quemchi, Chiloe lsland. Disembark on boats at this picturesque Chilote village. You can visit the handicraft market, streets and coffees shops, also the museum house of the Chilean writer Francisco Coloane. 18:30hrs. Continue sailing to the South through the Archipelago of Chiloe and Corcovado Gulf crossing at midnight.

SUNDAY: 08:00 hrs.
Navigation through the Moraleda and Ferronave channels. Arrival at the fishing village of Puerto Aguirre at 11:00hrs. Disembark at this fishing village enclosed at the Chonos/s archipelago, walking the streets, lookouts and the path of a rainforest, typical of the region. 13:00hrs. noon continues sailing through the Ferronave, Pilcomayo and Costa channels. 17:30hrs. Arrival at Punta Pescadores, disembark on the beach of little stones, walking 2 km approximately to the south, enjoying the natural environment of the place its fauna and patagonic flora. At 20:00hrs. Weigh anchor to the South. 22:00hrs. approximately at Caleta Quesahuen or Punta Leopardos, 20 nautical miles from the San Rafael Glacier.

MONDAY: 07:30 hrs.
Crossing the San Rafael Lagoon entrance and Tempanos channel. 09:00hrs. The ship enters the Lagoon and anchors at 2 kms far from the Glacier. Boat excursions among multicolored icebergs will take place if the weather allows us. 15:30hrs. The ship gets closer to the Glacier. 17:00hrs. Set sail to the Quitralco Fjord.

TUESDAY : 08:00 hrs.
Berth at the Quitralco pier. After breakfast, passengers can take hot springs baths where the water temperature rise up to 32º C and 38º C, in covered and outside pools. lf the weather allows boat excursions in motor boats through the inside of the fjord will take place. 17:00hrs. Sail towards Chiloe, navigating through the Moraleda and Perez Norte channels.

WEDNESDAY: 08:00 hrs.
Sailing through Leucayec channel, partial view of Melinka in the Chonos1 archipelago, which it was a shelter of fearsome pirates. Corcovado Gulf crossing. ln this, if the conditions allow to, there is a possibility of watching humpback whales and blue whales or Alfaguaras. Continue to sail through the oriental coast of the Chiloe lsland, arriving at 11:00hrs. to lslote Conejos located at Queilén channel. Disembark on boats and we will see at the surrounding area Magellanic penguins and numerous birds. 13:00hrs. We will sail between Lemuy and Chelín islands. 17:00hrs. Arrival to Dalcahue, disembark and visit of this town. We recommend to visit the handicraft market, the Church, and walk along the promenade. 23:00hrs. Set sail towards Puerto Montt. Farewell party, Captain1s dinner, dance.

THURSDAY: 08:00 hrs.
Docked at the Skorpios Terminal pier in Puerto Montt. 09:30 hrs. Breakfast, disembarkation.

End of our services.

Note: The programme and timetables may vary according to climate conditions or force majeure. Likewise, disembarkation and duration will depend on the authorization of the skipper, who will evaluate safety and ice conditions in each place.