In order to provide our passengers with an efficient and comfortable service, we would be grateful if you would follow these regulations as from 15 April 2013. (the previous regulations are rendered void). The ticket contains and accredits the passage contract between the passenger and Naviera y Turismo Skorpios S.A. hereinafter “SKORPIOS” or “the Company”, ruled according to the terms established in book III of the Commercial Code of the Republic of Chile.

The prices published may be amended when SKORPIOS deems it convenient, rendering prior prices void.If the passenger has paid his ticket and a change should arise before the trip, this modification will not apply to him, and the agreed price will be maintained. SKORPIOS may delay sailing for a period of 24 hours for reasons of force majeure or weather. If conditions continue, after this period the Company may postpone or cancel the cruise, returning the value of the fare, with the passenger having no right to indemnization or any other kind of payment.

The passenger may cancel and modify his voyage in accordance with the following fines and payments:

  • 120 days before the cruise, no fine and 100% refund.
  • Between 120 and 60 days, USD 200 per person.
  • Between 59 and 50 days, 20% fine over the value of the ticket per person.
  • Between 49 and 40 days, 40% fine over the value of the ticket per person.
  • Between 39 and 30 days, 60% fine over the value of the ticket per person.
  • Between 29 and 16 days, 80% fine over the value of the ticket.
  • Between 15 and 0 days, 100% fine over the value of the ticket.


The above cancelation should be informed by e-mail, fax or telephone and confirmed in writing by registered mail on the same date of the communication, by means of a letter signed by the passenger which is the only valid cancelation document. The corresponding reimbursement will be made effective within 30 working days of the cancelation date.

The passenger may endorse or transfer his ticket, after giving the Company written and signed authorization, which should be received by the Company within a period of 5 days prior to sailing. In addition to this written communication, the endorsement must consist of the ticket duly signed by the endorser giving his full name, and identity card number. If the ticket has been purchased in installments, endorser and endorsee will be jointly responsible for the total payment according to the agreed terms.

SKORPIOS offers free shipboard safety box facilities. Non-use of this service liberates the company from any liability in this sense.

The passenger is responsible for having valid papers, as required from Chileans and/or foreigners.

SKORPIOS reserves the right to ban passengers whom they consider might interfere with the wellbeing of the other passengers.

Shipboard medical service is free, as is basic first aid. Passengers are responsible for specific medication. Similarly, the passenger is responsible for keeping to dietary and beverage restrictions established by his physician. SKORPIOS will only be able to adapt its meals within normal parameters, without altering the provision of normal food and beverage.

Passengers are forbidden to carry firearms or dangerous objects; if this clause is violated, passengers may be removed from the ship according to Captain’s orders, with no right to subsequent complaint.

It is also strictly forbidden to use drugs or other substances on board. The Captain is empowered to decide if the passenger should be removed in order to guarantee the safety and peace of passengers. This passenger has no right to make a subsequent complaint to SKORPIOS or to receive any type of compensation. Pet are not allowed on SKORPIOS vessels.

Passengers are bound to comply with all SKORPIOS rules and regulations regarding passengers and their goods, and to obey Captain’s orders during the cruise.

Passengers should read and comply with the safety instructions and regulations published on board and in their cabins, in the understanding that self-care is essential and should not risk their physical or mental safety while sailing or on excursions.

Shipboard tips are not included in the ticket. As is traditional, passengers should give a sealed envelope to the Captain, who will distribute this money among all crew members. The suggested amount is US$ 50.

SKORPIOS reserves the right to suspend a cruise up to 30 days before the sailing date, if the minimum number of passengers is not reached. In this case, the Company will do its best to relocate passengers on another SKORPIOS cruise, covering the value of air ticket re-issue or accommodation on another airline, prior the approval of SKORPIOS. If the passenger is not satisfied with this arrangement, the value of the cruise will be reimbursed, with no right to any other compensation, payment or complaint on the part of the passenger.

Children’s safety on board is the sole responsibility of their parents who should take care of them at all times. SKORPIOS reserves the right to include in its promotional material photographs, videos and other visual material showing passengers.

Excessive food or beverage consumption, or non compliance with doctor’s orders is of the sole responsibility of the passenger.

Cruceros Skorpios is not responsible for delays caused by strikes, delays in commercial airline flights, earthquake or tsunami, or any other cause, with no exception whatsoever, as passengers should be in their place of embarkation on the day and time established in the ticket.

SKORPIOS has accident insurance for its passengers, with the following coverage:

  • Accident, medical, pharmaceutical and hospital laid for a maximum of US$ 30,000
  • Emergency transportation insurance for a maximum of US$ 8,000
  • Accidental death insurance for a maximum of US$ 38,000
  • Permanent accident disability insurance for a maximum of US$ 30,000

This is included in the value of your ticket. (And is applicable after your individual insurance or health insurance, with coverage limitations in the case of more than 8 passengers).

* Sailing track and itinerary may vary according to climate conditions or force majeure, which will be determined solely by the captain of the vessel with no subsequent complaint on the part of the passengers.



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