Puerto Varas is an emblematic tourism attraction in Chile, is a magical place wherever you look at it, which allows you to enjoy every moment both day and night. It is located on the shores of Llanquihue Lake, with a waterfront so beautiful that the daily city life happens here. The Osorno Volcano is a permanent witness of this beautiful place, accompanies us with its snow-capped summit that invites tourists by hiking trails to the top. Sport fishing also has its place in our city. Petrohue river and the Todos Los Santos lake are ideal to tempt large salmon and trout. Here we find the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, which was the first national park of Chile and the most visited by tourists because of its lovely beauty.
Around Puerto Varas, we brought a wealth of attractions such as Frutillar, Puerto Octay, Llanquihue and Puerto Montt, cities that have their own history and can be visited during the day leaving from Puerto Varas. In the night, this city changes the color and is visited by the glamour. The local game casino is one of the most beautiful in the country and offers top artistic shows every day. Just let yourself be carried, Puerto Varas has everything to make you believe in magic and make your dreams come true.

PEULLA - Chile

Peulla or spring sprouts in the mapuche language Mapudungun, is a small lake port on the western shore of Todos Los Santos Lake and is considered a paradise for nature lovers, is located 20 nautical miles east from Petrohue. Between these two locations, there is no path, and it is only possible to enjoy this privilege of nature sailing along to Cruce Andino® in their catamaran Lagos Andinos. This village has 200 inhabitants who enjoy a dreamed natural environment but with all the amenities of the large cities. At this point, we are very close to the border with Argentina, separating only 26 km Peulla of the international border crossing point Vicente Pérez Rosales and the Bariloche International crossing point. Furthermore, it is in this area where you can find 02 hotels in which you can relax if you take the route 02 days: Hotel Peulla and Hotel Natura Patagonia.


PUERTO BLEST - Argentina

This small lake port located at the end of the Blest arm of the Nahuel Huapi Lake is a spectacle by itself, its majestuosity evokes the Norwegian landscapes or the fuegian fjords. At this point the green waters of the Frías River with the cool blue waters of Nahuel Huapi Lake mix giving a surreal view of the water, surrounded by a dense Valdivian rainforest that only leaves space to enjoy the quiet beach that allows us to enjoy the Blest harbor. Without a doubt, this place will seem like a dream.


BARILOCHE - Argentina

San Carlos de Bariloche or simply Bariloche is located in the Rio Negro province, being the most visited destination in all Patagonia. Their natural reserves that includes dozens of lakes, ancient forests and mountains, which have the most famous ski centers in the Patagonia, are converted into the main attraction and sustenance of this beautiful tourist city of the Andean Patagonia. On one hand, this city of Swiss architecture and exquisite gastronomy dresses up the green cloak that gives us the Valdivian rainforest to the West, but a few miles to the east you can live the Patagonian steppe with its melancholy and typical couture that enchant visitors. Land of chocolates, museums and warm people, all of this framed by a nature landscape that we will leave you breathless.